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Mr. Goldman, Age 42 won 3,300 following a road traffic accident
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Mr J. B.
Recovered 6000 for his injuries when he slipped in a large fast food restaurant.
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Pedestrian Accidents Claims

Research into pedestrian accidents reveals that more than 7000 pedestrians are killed and approximately 75,000 seriously injured in accidents in Europe every year. In the United Kingdom, a study in 1998 showed, unsurprisingly, that children and the elderly are most likely to be injured as pedestrians in accidents. People aged over 60 were more likely to suffer fatal injuries in accidents whereas children between 10 and 15 were most likely to receive serious injuries resulting in long-term disability.

Everyone of us appreciates the inexorable rise in motor car usage. Our roads become ever busier and our lives more pressurised. Accidents become more likely and it is usually the pedestrian who comes off worst and suffers the most injuries since he or she is the most vulnerable.

Clearly, if you do suffer significant injury as a pedestrian, you may make a claim for compensation for your injury if another road user did not take enough care and was responsible for the accident resulting in injury.

Unfortunately, there are any number of ways in which pedestrians may injured in road traffic accidents.

  • Injured in an accident crossing the road and struck by a motor car.
  • Injured in an accident crossing the road when hit by motorcycle.
  • Suffering injury in collision accident with cyclist on the pavement or in the road
  • Hit by emergency vehicles, such as police cars or ambulances answering emergency calls and sustaining injury
  • Accident causing injury when alighting from a bus or a taxi through the carelessness of the bus driver of the taxi driver

In accidents taking place in the last three years where you wish to make claims, Accident Aid for pedestrian accidents can help you to get compensation for your injury in any pedestrian accident if the accident where another road user did not take enough care and was responsible for the accident.

As well as recovering compensation for your  injuires, Accident Aid will also assist you in claiming compensation for any financial losses suffered. These may include loss of earnings, damage to clothing, watches and jewellery and out-of-pocket expenses such as the cost of travel to and from doctors and hospitals as well as prescription charges and the cost of any medical after-care that may be required.

Your claim will be handled by an experienced accidents / personal injury lawyer member of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers. Accident Aid and the lawyers with whom we work will ensure that your compensation claim is dealt with as quickly and efficiently as possible and you receive your compensation award in full. You will not have to pay anything for your accident claim whether you win or lose your claim for compensation and there will be no deductions from any compensation award in your favour.

To make a claim either call Accident Aid on 0800 180 4780 or forward your query without any obligation to Accident Aid by email and you will be contacted by an accident injury lawyer who will advise as to whether you may be entitled to claim compensation for your injury and any other losses you may have sustained.

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