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Mr. Goldman, Age 42 won 3,300 following a road traffic accident
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Mr J. B.
Recovered 6000 for his injuries when he slipped in a large fast food restaurant.
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Passenger Accident Injuries Claims

Whenever there are accidents between two vehicles on the road, almost invariably somebody is to blame. It may be the that either one or both of the drivers of the vehicles are to blame. It is clear, however, that passengers of vehicles involved in accidents are almost invariably not responsible for accidents. It is usually immediately apparent that they are wholly innocent parties. Can they make claims for compensation for personal injury? If so, whom would their claims be against? Well that depends on the circumstances of accidents. If it were obvious that the other driver was at fault claims would be made against that driver. However, if he or she denied responsibility for the accident leading to personal injury, the claims would be made against both drivers and the court would decide how blame should be apportioned and who should pay what percentage of compensation. One thing that should be remembered is that if your driver was at fault his or her insurance company will pay the compensation consequent upon claims and not himself or herself personally. Of course, if your driver were to blame, you would make a claim against him or her straight away.

It is not just in road traffic accidents that passengers may be injured and have to be compensated. Unfortunately, there are many ways in which injuries may flow from accidents falling short of a collision with other vehicles. These instances may occur, for example, when using public transport. Specific examples of the sort of incident are :

  • You may be walking to the door in a bus to get off at your bus stop and you may fall when the bus stops too suddenly or turns a corner too fast causing you to lose your balance. The bus company, through the driver, owes you a duty of care and it would be in breach of that duty in either of the two circumstances and you would make a claim for personal injury and loss against the bus company.
  • You may suffer a slipping accident on a damp floor in the buffet car of a train and fall and suffer personal injury. If train staff knew or should have known about the problem and the danger of accident but did nothing about it and did not even place warning signs down, you should be able to make a claims for your personal injury against the train company.
  • You may have an accident and suffer personal injury when coming into contact with objects that are damaged or not properly maintained, on buses, trains, trams or other modes of transport. These may include, for example, broken door handles or grab rails or uneven or damaged walkways between seats. Accidents leading to personal injury claims are frequent in such circumstances.

To summarise, passengers in cars or other motor-vehicles involved in accidents, should be entitled to make claims for compensation from either the driver of the car or other motor-vehicle in which the passenger was traveling or from the driver of the third party car or other motor-vehicle involved in accidents. People are often concerned about making claims for compensation from friends or relatives in whose vehicles they were passengers at the time of accidents. However, it should be remembered that claims in those circumstances would be met by the insurance companies concerned and not the friend or relative. Finally, there are many other circumstances in which you may be able to lodge claims for compensation for personal injury sustained as a passenger. If common sense tells you that the accident cxould have been avoided with proper care on the part of the carrier, then you probably have a good claim and should contact us for advice.

As well as recovering compensation for your injuries, Accident Aid will also assist in the recovery of compensation for any financial losses that may be suffered. These may include loss of earnings claims, claims for damage to clothing, claims for watches and jewellery and claims for out-of-pocket expenses such as the cost of travel to and from doctors and hospitals as well as claims for prescription charges and the cost of any medical after-care that may be required.

Your personal injury claim will be handled by an experienced personal injury lawyer who will be a member of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers. Both we at Accident Aid and the personal injury solicitors with whom we work will do our best to see that claims your personal injury compensation claim is dealt with as quickly and efficiently as possible. We will make sure that you receive your compensation award. You will not have to pay anything for your claim whether you win or lose your claim for compensation and there will be no deductions from any compensation award in your favour.

To make a claim either call Accident Aid on 0800 180 4780 or forward your query without any obligation to Accident Aid by email and you will be contacted by an accident injury lawyer who will advise as to whether you may be entitled to claim compensation for your injury and any other losses you may have sustained.

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