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Mr J. B.
Recovered 6000 for his injuries when he slipped in a large fast food restaurant.
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Motorcycle Accidents Claims

Motorcycling is a popular pastime in the United Kingdom and has been enjoying a boom in recent years and, particularly, so far as sports and adventure bikes are concerned. Sports bikes may range from super sports 600 cc machines right through to the outrageously powerful and fast 1000 cc superbikes such as the Honda FireBlade and Yamaha YZF R1. The popularity of adventure bikes is, at least partly, due to Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman's televised trips around the world and  through Africa popularising bikes such as the BMW R1200 GS and KTM Adventure. 

It is hardly surprising that the combination of high performance coupled with relatively affordable prices has resulted in a relative proliferation of motorbikes in the United Kingdom - at least in the summer months !

Unfortunately, the downside to the increased number of motorcycles on our roads is that a rising number of bikers are involved in accidents often resulting in very serious injury and, in the worst cases, fatalities.

Recent statistics are disturbing. Only about 1% of vehicles on the roads are motorcycles yet 25% of adult males killed in road traffic accidents are bikers.

Contrary to popular opinion, bikers are generally a mature and responsible lot (many of those involved in accidents are so-called 'born-again bikers' rediscovering the joys of the motorcycle in middle age) and, in the majority of cases, when they are involved in accidents, it is the other road user who is at fault. Commonly occurring scenarios resulting in accidents and injury may be

  • Motorist entering main road into paths of motorcyclists causing accidents and injury. The classic T-bone accidents.
  • Car drivers causing accidents and injury when pulling out into the path of a motorcyclist from the inside lane on a dual carriageway failing to spot the motorcyclist
  • Motorists causing accidents when turning right in front of oncoming motorcyclists.
  • Car drivers causing accidents and injury when pulling out into motorcyclist's paths when motorcyclists filtering between two lanes of stationary traffic

Since, in accidents, bikers cannot hope to have anywhere near as much personal protection as, for example, car drivers, they invariably comes off worse, sustaining the most severe injuries. However, although personal injury might be the most significant result of accidents, for the unfortunate biker it does not stop there. Motorcycles are delicate machines which suffer quite extensive damage quite easily even in minor accidents. More often than not, a motorcycle will be written off after a significant accidents with other vehicles, accidents involving street furniture such as lampposts, fences and trees or even simply by 'going down the road' on it's side. Beyond that, accidents result in leathers, boots, gloves and helmets all being damaged beyond repair or further use. The bill for clothing and helmet along could easily amount to 2000.

There is no reason why claims should not be made for all of these losses. As always, if significant injury is suffered, that usually means that time will have to be taken off work for recovery with consequent loss of earnings. There may well have to be claims for extensive medical care, claims for physiotherapy costs and these may be required for a considerable period after injuries have substantially healed and certain treatments may be costly resulting in larger claims. Travelling expenses will have to be incurred and, in some cases, a replacement motorcycle may be needed or urgent repairs may need to be carried out.

Claims would be made to provide compensation for those losses and costs also. In appropriate circumstances, credit facilities with deferred payment may be availble to secure replacement bikes on credit hire. Accident Aid has experienced motorcyclists among it's numbers and is able to empathise with bikers injured in road traffic accidents.

If you have suffered injury after being involved in a no fault accident within the last three years and you wish to make a claim, Accident Aid for motorcycle accidents will help you to claim compensation. Accident Aid will also help you to claim compensation for any monetary losses which you may suffer. These may include claims for lost earnings, claims for clothing damage, claims for damaged watches and jewellery and other expenses such as the travel costs to and from doctors and hospitals and prescription charges and claims for the cost of any medical after-care that may be required.

Your compensation claim will be handled by an experienced personal injury lawyer who will be member of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers. Accident Aid and the solicitors we work with will make sure that your accidents claim is dealt with quickly and efficiently and you receive 100 % of your personal injury compensation. You will not be charged anything for your accident compensation claims whether you win or lose your case for compensation and no deductions from any compensation claims awards in your favour will be made.

To make a claim for compansation after a motorcycle accident, either call Accident Aid on 0800 180 4780 or forward your query without any obligation to Accident Aid by email and you will be contacted by an accident injury lawyer who will advise as to whether you may be entitled to claim compensation for your injury and any other losses you may have sustained.

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