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Mr. Goldman, Age 42 won 3,300 following a road traffic accident
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Mr J. B.
Recovered 6000 for his injuries when he slipped in a large fast food restaurant.
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Leg Injury Claims

Individuals making claims after being involved in accidents may suffer a very broad range of injuries to the legs - from bruising, which may take only a few days to heal through simple sprains and fractures, right  through to torn ligaments and multiple fractures. The more serious injuries often require surgery and insertion of metal plates and pins.

The range of accidents which may lead to legitimate claims for personal injury is as broad as it is long.

Leg Injuries from Road Traffic Accidents

In road traffic accidents, pedestrians may claim when sustaining serious leg injuries after being struck by cars. Car drivers and their passengers often sustain leg injuries following accidents and they may have to make claims for compensation. Cars are becoming safer with, safety bars and airbags although, at present, those are mainly deployed as protection against head injuries in the event of collision type accidents.

Leg Injuries from Motorcycling Accidents

Another group of road users who are particularly susceptible to leg injuries are motorcyclists as their legs are wholly exposed and protection, where it is worn, usually consists, at best, of leather trousers. Some years ago, it was suggested that leg protectors would become compulsory for motorcycles. The idea was dropped, however, because of opposition by bikers and manufacturers. Although they may have helped to minimise personal injury in accidents, they were ungainly and impractical.

Leg Injuries from Accidents at Work

Leg injuries caused by accidents at work can be particularly serious and they may be caused in many different ways. In one case, a 24 year old man, was injured when his left lower leg was crushed by a 34-tonne forklift truck which was reversed over his leg whilst he was transferring bags of rubbish into a skip as part of his employment.  When his case came to court two years later, he was awarded over £20,000 in compensation*. In another forklift truck accident, a 25 year old stock controller suffered a severe injury to his right foot when the forklift truck he was driving turned over. He was awarded just over £70,000 for his personal injuries after a 5% reduction as his share of the blame for the accident.

Making a claim for leg injury compensation

When you are injured in a non-fault accident and you wish to make a claim for leg injury compensation, you will get compensation for your leg injury. The amount of compensation is dependant upon the severity of the initial injury and the prognosis for complete recovery. When your quality of life is significantly affected, the compensation level in will be higher taking such matters into consideration. For example, you may be prevented from playing for your local badminton team or from playing in your local tennis league. Sometimes, the effect on your quality of life may not be immediately apparent. If, for example, you become depressed because of the severity of your personal injury or the recovery period or you become anxious in certain situations because your confidence is affected your award will be higher. You will also be able to claim for what are known as ‘special damages’. These are all of the financial consequences of your injury. If your injury prevents you from working, even temporarily, you will be able to make a claim for loss of earnings. You will also be able to claim for out-of-pocket expenses such as the cost of prescriptions for the cost of travelling to and from hospitals and GP appointments. In a straightforward case, where liability is accepted by the other driver it should not take longer than around 3 -6 months to settle claims for personal injury compensation after an accident and for you to receive your award free from any deductions at all.

To claim compensation for leg injuries, call Accident Aid on 0800 180 4780 or forward your query without any obligation to Accident Aid by email and you will be contacted by an accident injury lawyer who will advise as to whether you may be entitled to claim compensation for your injury and any other losses you may have sustained.

*adjusted for inflation.

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