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Eye Injury Claims

Eye injuries range from the fairly minor such as irritation lasting only a few hours when getting soap in the eye to the most serious when vision is completely lost and, of course, accidents resulting in eye injuries can happen to people of any age. There are over 120,000 eye injuries every year in the United Kingdom. However statistics reveal that just over half of all eye injuries are sustained by people under the age of 25.

Eye Injuries at Work

In many jobs there are obvious risks of eye injury. A worker would have to be extremely wary and an employer especially vigilant when work involved the handling of dangerous chemicals and solutions which could cause serious injury if entering the eye. Similarly, if your work involved striking objects with a hammer or other tools, such as a woodworker shaping a piece of wood with hammer and chisel, there would be a clear danger of a piece of wood flying straight into the eye causing serious damage.  In such circumstances, the quality and suitability of eye protection and the training for it’s use is usually of central importance. However, even where there is no obvious risk to the eye, injuries can result. For example, a worker tripping on a dangerous floor, falling and hitting his eye as he did so.

Eye Injuries from Road Traffic Accidents

Some of the most horrific eye injuries are sustained by drivers and front seat passengers involved in road traffic accidents when not wearing seat belts. The driver and passenger may be thrown headlong through the car windscreen in such accidents and facial injuries including to the eyes are caused by the impact with the windscreen as well as through contact with hundreds of fragments of glass as the windscreen of the car is shattered. Thankfully, this is less of a likelihood than some years age with the advent of airbags and the wearing of seat belts has become obligatory and habitual for most people.

Eye Injuries from Sport

Many accidents leading to personal injury happen when engaged in sports or recreational activities. It may be surprising to note that 90 % of eye injury accidents during sport could have been prevented by wearing the appropriate protective eyewear. So, in what circumstances might sports or recreational accidents give rise to personal injury claims? Surely, if people are voluntarily engaged in sports which carry a risk of injury, then there can be no possibility of making claims for personal injury after accidents? Well, the answer is quite straightforward and it is that if accidents leading to injury are the fault of someone else, then that someone should be obliged to pay compensation to the victim. A fellow competitor may be sued if he was reckless. For example, if a squash player hits the ball which ends up in his opponent’s eye in a flash of anger after a disputed call, he may be liable. If a rugby player’s eye was gouged, both the opponent and the referee may be sued where he failed to enforce the rules properly. If, during a game of squash at school, a ball hits a pupil  in the eye, serious injury may result and a claim may be made against the school's insurer's for failure by the school to provide protective goggles and proper instruction and / or supervision. Similar accidents may occur during school cricket matches where protective helmets are not provided. A cricket ball in the eye can do serious damage indeed.

Treatment for Eye Injuries

The eyes are extremely delicate and sensitive and there is a limit to self help treatment and, so, if accidents result in eye injury, in all but the most minor cases, perhaps where a foreign body has lightly embedded itself in the eye and may be gently flushed out, it is imperative to obtain emergency medical help as soon as possible. A patch or a cup should be placed over the eye to prevent pressure being put on the cornea which is extremely delicate and susceptible to scratching.

Compensation awards for claims for eye injuries following accidents can range from £1000 for injuries which heal quickly right up to £200,000 in instances of total blindness combined with deafness.

To claim compensation for eye injuries, call Accident Aid on 0800 180 4780 or forward your query without any obligation to Accident Aid by email and you will be contacted by an accident injury lawyer who will advise as to whether you may be entitled to claim compensation for your injury and any other losses you may have sustained.

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