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Mr. Goldman, Age 42 won 3,300 following a road traffic accident
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Mr J. B.
Recovered 6000 for his injuries when he slipped in a large fast food restaurant.
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Amount of Compensation

In order to promote consistency and assist the courts, personal injury solicitors and other advisers, the Judicial Studies Board publish a set of guidelines for the level of injury awards for a broad range of injuries. The information, which follows, has been taken from those guidelines. Whilst the guidelines are very useful and provide a good general indicator of the level of damages which may be paid, it should be remembered that no two cases are ever the same and general damage claims for injuries resulting from accidents will always reflect the individual circumstances of the particular in dividual and the injuries he or she has suffered and claims will be assessed accordingly.


Accidents Resulting in Chest Injury Claims

Chest injuries attract a wide range of compensation awards. Injuries to the chest and to the organs inside the chest cavity may be caused by a single event such as a traumatic accident or, gradually over a period of time. For example, the lungs may be damaged by exposure to asbestos. The latter are dealt with in another section. In this section, we deal with claims for personal injury arising out of trauma.

The range of claims awards for traumatic chest injury is extremely wide starting from as low as 1,000 right up to 77,500. The most violent accidents leading to claims for personal injury may result in removal of a lung or serious damage to the heart. There may be long-term pain and suffering and cosmetic consequences. These kinds of claims would attract payments at the upper end of the scale. Moving down, there may be less serious internal injury when, perhaps, there is damage to a lung and / or the heart which is permanent leading to some impairment of mobility coupled with a reduction in life expectancy. Compensation claim awards for these types of condition may be between 34,000 and 52,000. Where, injury to the lungs and heart is not so serious but there is some continuing disability and some pain and suffering, compensation awards for claims may be settled in the region of 16,500 to 28,500. In accidents where there is a puncture wound to the chest and where there may be some tissue damage but no significant long-term effect on the operation of the lungs, claims may be paid between 6,500 and 9,250. Where there is the inhalation of toxic fumes or smoke, victims of accidents may suffer breathing difficulties for a period and there may be some residual damage but recovery is relatively quick, claims for personal injury could expect to be settled for between 2,750 and 6,500. Where, perhaps, victims of accidents suffer collapsed lungs but make a full and uncomplicated recovery, they should expect to receive compensation awards in response to their claims of between 2,750 and 6,500. Finally, where victims are unfortunate enough to suffer rib fractures in accidents caused by others, they may expect to receive up to 2,000 for personal injury compensation. Claimants in such circumstances would have made a complete recovery within a few weeks.

Of course, the award in any particular circumstances would depend on the specific injury suffered. If you require any advice or assistance about any claim you may wish to make for an ankle injury, Accident Aid would be pleased to hear from you. Please call or email for free no obligation assistance.

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