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Mr. Goldman, Age 42 won 3,300 following a road traffic accident
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Mr J. B.
Recovered 6000 for his injuries when he slipped in a large fast food restaurant.
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Amount of Compensation

In order to promote consistency and assist the courts, personal injury solicitors and other advisers, the Judicial Studies Board publish a set of guidelines for the level of injury awards for a broad range of injuries. The information, which follows, has been taken from those guidelines. Whilst the guidelines are very useful and provide a good general indicator of the level of damages which may be paid, it should be remembered that no two cases are ever the same and general damage claims for injuries resulting from accidents will always reflect the individual circumstances of the particular in dividual and the injuries he or she has suffered and claims will be assessed accordingly.


Accidents Resulting in Back Injury Claims

Back and neck injuries can often lead to paralysis as the spinal cord is damaged. Compensation claims awards for instances of paralysis are dealt with in the sections entitled Paraplegia and Quadriplegia. Compensation claims awards for back injuries rarely go beyond 25,000 unless there are complications and special features of the particular personal injury.

For example, although fairly rare, back injuries can lead to impotence and incontinence. In such cases compensation claims for personal injury would attract payments of between 52,000 and 87, 500. In those compensation claims where the effect of the personal injury is not so serious but there may be consequences for bowel or bladder function, claims would typically be settled by payments in the region of 42,500.

Where there are disc lesions or fractures of the vertebral discs, the accidents victim may continue to feel pain, discomfort and depression, possibly undergoing personality change or having his or her prospects in the labour market affected. Claims for compensation may be paid between 20,000 and 36, 000.

Moving down the scale of seriousness of personal injury, where the disability remains after a period of healing, claimants may expect to receive between 14,500 and 20,000. Typically, these would be claims for compensation where there is a fracture of a backbone and that has given rise to a real risk of osteoarthritis. Additionally, the accident victim may be suffering constant pain and discomfort and there may be interference with sexual function and a likelihood of degeneration of the back.

Where the accident victim was already suffering from some kind of back condition and the accident giving rise to the claim for compensation exacerbates the existing condition, depending upon the seriousness of the original condition and whether any resulting disability is permanent or chronic, his or her claim for compensation may expect to be settled between 6,500 and 14,500.

In cases of compensation claims where the accident led to minor strain inury, sprain and soft tissue injuries where there has been full or almost full recovery without surgery within about five years, any compensation claim should be paid between 4,000 and 7,000. If recovery, in the same circumstances takes place within about two years, the claim for personal injury should be settled up to about 4,000.

Of course, the award in any particular circumstances would depend on the specific injury suffered. If you require any advice or assistance about any claim you may wish to make for an ankle injury, Accident Aid would be pleased to hear from you. Please call or email for free no obligation assistance.

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