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"Excellent service. Got my personal injury money within 3 months"
Mr. Goldman, Age 42 won 3,300 following a road traffic accident
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Kendal Worker Awarded £300,000 for Crushing Injury.

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Mr J. B.
Recovered 6000 for his injuries when he slipped in a large fast food restaurant.
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Amount of Compensation

In order to promote consistency and assist the courts, personal injury solicitors and other advisers, the Judicial Studies Board publish a set of guidelines for the level of injury awards for a broad range of injuries. The information, which follows, has been taken from those guidelines. Whilst the guidelines are very useful and provide a good general indicator of the level of damages which may be paid, it should be remembered that no two cases are ever the same and general damage claims for injuries resulting from accidents will always reflect the individual circumstances of the particular in dividual and the injuries he or she has suffered and claims will be assessed accordingly.

Accidents Leading to Arm Injury Claims (Non Amputations)

Sometimes an arm may be very seriously injured without necessitating amputation but the victim may be in no better a position than if the arm had been amputated. Where that is the case, personal injury compensation claims may be awarded in the region 50,000 to 67,500. Where are accidents do not result in such serious injury but, nevertheless, there are substantial fractures of both arms with lengthy healing periods and where the victim is left with some residual disability and cosmetic disfigurement, claims for compensation may be settled for between 20,000 and 31,000. Where the injury is less severe but there are still significant disabilities, compensation claims may be awarded in the region of 10,000 to 20,000. In some cases there will be a substantial degree of recovery or the expectation of such recovery. Where there are simple fractures with recovery within a short period of time without any complications, claims for personal injury compensation may be paid between 3,500 and 10,000. The compensation awards at the upper end of this scale would be where there is some residual disability and perhaps some adverse cosmetic effect.

Of course, the award in any particular circumstances would depend on the specific injury suffered. If you require any advice or assistance about any claim you may wish to make for an ankle injury, Accident Aid would be pleased to hear from you. Please call or email for free no obligation assistance.

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