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Mr. Goldman, Age 42 won 3,300 following a road traffic accident
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Mr J. B.
Recovered 6000 for his injuries when he slipped in a large fast food restaurant.
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Car Driver Accident Claims

Lets face it, in modern Britain; it is nigh on impossible for most of us to deal with our daily responsibilities without using a motorcar. Even against the background of spiralling petrol and diesel prices, it is inevitable that levels of car usage will be maintained at least and, in all probability, will increase. There has been an emphasis on improving the road network over the past fifty years partly to accommodate the motorcar and that process cannot be reversed overnight even if it were wholly desirable.

In those circumstances, our roads are going to remain congested at best and, whilst that is the case, there will inevitably be a greater risk of car accidents. We have all struggled through the early morning rush hour to get to work and the dash through crowded roads to get home in the evening. No doubt you have seen many near misses and some accidents and thanked your lucky stars that you were not involved. Inevitably, careful as we may be, statistics show that we are likely to be involved in a road traffic accident at some point during our driving life. Let us give you just a few examples of situations leading to accidents which even the most careful driver would have difficulty avoiding:-

  • Driver entering a main carriageway from a minor road directly in the path of your vehicle whilst distracted in conversation with a passenger or talking on his mobile phone (hand held or otherwise!).
  • Overworked lorry driver failing to take obligatory rest stops momentarily dozing off at the wheel and veering into the path of your vehicle. A truly frightening prospect but one that occurs all too frequently.
  • An out of control pet dog running into the road in your path.
  • A driver failing to stop at a red traffic light.

If you wish to make a claim for personal injury afer an accident taking place less than three years ago, Accident Aid can help with compensation claims for personal injury in any accidents involving car drivers if the accident causing injury was because another road user did not take sufficient care and his or her carelessness was the cause of the accident. Accident Aid for car driver accidents will also help you to claim compensation for financial losses such as loss of earnings, damage to clothing, watches and jewellery and out-of-pocket expenses such as the travel cost incurred visiting doctors and hospitals as well as prescription charges and the cost of any medical after-care that may be required.

An experienced personal injury solicitor will conduct your compensation claim. That solicitor will be a member of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers. Accident Aid will ensure that your compensation claim is dealt with quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, you will get your personal injury compensation award without any deductions at all. You will not have to pay anything for your personal injury accident claim whatever happens in your claim and ,whether you win or lose your claim for compensation, there will be no deductions from any compensation awarded to you.

To make a claim either call Accident Aid on 0800 180 4780 or forward your query without any obligation to Accident Aid by email and you will be contacted by an accident injury lawyer who will advise as to whether you may be entitled to claim compensation for your injury and any other losses you may have sustained.

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