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Mr. Goldman, Age 42 won 3,300 following a road traffic accident
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Mr J. B.
Recovered 6000 for his injuries when he slipped in a large fast food restaurant.
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Arm Injury and Hand Injury Claims

There is a very wide range of circumstances which may lead to an injury claim for compensation for injuries to the arms and hands. Those limbs tend to feature quite prominently in injury claims because although they may not be the part of the body which is directly injured by the force of any impact, they are often used instinctively for protection and are injured in the process. The level of compensation for injury claims of this type will reflect not only the seriousness of the initial injury but also the longevity of any symptoms. Awards may be quite high because of the difficulty of carrying out everyday functions with reduced ability in the arms or hands which may be, for example, because of weakened grip in the hand, reduced range of motion in the arms or loss of flexibility in the fingers or thumbs.

Arm Injuries and Hand Injuries at Work

We all know that, quite rightly, employers are bound by a very strict regime of health and safety law in the United Kingdom. However, all too often, work practices, procedures, training and tools fall well short of the minimum standards and, as a result, workers are injured and forced make personal injury claims. Injuries to arms and hands from accidents at work can be particularly traumatic simply because of the use of heavy tools and machinery with fast moving and dangerous parts. The onset and cause of injury may also be more gradual, for example, in the case ‘repetitive strain injury’ where a particular method of doing a job may be extremely repetitive and subtly straining so that personal injury is sustained over a period of time. Such injuries can lead to substantial injury claims because the symptoms may be very painful, long lasting and debilitating.

Arm Injuries and Hand Injuries from Tripping and Slipping Accidents

It will come as no surprise that tripping and slipping accidents often lead to injury claims for injuries to arms and hands. This is quite simply because of the fact that we are programmed to use our hands to break falls to try to prevent or limit damage to more sensitive parts of the body. Even, a small man or woman weighs a substantial amount and the force generated by a falling man or woman is great and, of course, if the hands are used to take that force, they can easily be seriously injured. Older people, with weaker muscles and bones are especially vulnerable.

Arm Injuries and Hand Injuries from Car Accidents

Injury claims for damage to the arms and hands feature quite prominently in more serious car accident claims. Victims often suffer crush injuries to the limbs when cars are subject to violent impact either with other vehicles, street furniture such as road signs or even when they crash into buildings. As the bodywork of the vehicle is compressed, it may come into contact with the upper limbs and cause serious injury. Obviously, as with other accident scenarios, the instinctive use of the hands to protect from injury may lead to injury to the hands and arms themselves. The level of compensation awarded for injury claims will depend upon the severity of the initial injury at the duration of any continuing symptoms.

Treatment for Arm Injuries and Hand Injuries

It is always vital to seek emergency medical treatment for significant injuries to arms and hands but especially in the case of a hand injury. The hands are extremely complex and if injuries are not treated properly and quickly, healing may be incomplete and lead to long-term disability. Compression and bandages should be used to stem bleeding and fractures should be stabilised and splinted if possible. Never remove anything like nails, knives or pieces of wood etc which may have entered because that may well cause more damage.

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Compensation awards for arm injury claims and hand injury claims can range from £1000 for minor injuries which heal quickly right up to £200,000 in cases of utmost severity. The amount in each case will depend upon the individual circumstances.
To claim compensation for eye injuries, call Accident Aid on 0800 180 4780 or forward your query without any obligation to Accident Aid by email and you will be contacted by an accident injury lawyer who will advise as to whether you may be entitled to claim compensation for your injury and any other losses you may have sustained.

Arm Injuries and Hand Injuries from Assaults

Another scenario which often lead to injury claims for damage to the arms and hands is violent assault. In order to protect the face from personal injury, hands and arms may be used to fend off an attacker or to take the force of blows directed to one's head or face. These kinds of situations can lead to the most horrific injuries to the arms and hands when, for example, the attacker is using a knife. In this situation, a personal injury claim would be made against the attacker or more, likely, to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority and compensation awards may be substantial.

However, it is not just in those frightening circumstances that claims for personal injury to the arms and hands may arise. In most imaginable accident scenarios, the arms and hands would come into play. In the event of trip or slip accidents, accidents falling from bicycles or motorcycles, the hands are likely to be used to break the force of the fall. Personal injuries almost invariably result. If someone else is to blame for the accident, a personal injury claim may legitimately be made.

The Judicial Studies Board guidelines for these types of personal injuries tell us that claims may result in compensation awards ranging from approximately £4000 for a simple wrist fracture to over £150,000 in the event of the amputation of an arm.

Anyone invoved in an accident resulting in personal injury to the arms or the hands within the last three years may, where someone else was to blame for the accident, make a claim for compensation. Please contact Accident Aid for a free no obligation and no cost assessment of your case.

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